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Gifted again

This is an even worse scan of another picture I received for Christmas:

This was a gift from kelloggs2066 and his wife.  It is a old steel-engraving from a old magazine, illustrating a story in which penguins played a critical role.  The illegible  title is "Fortunately some penguins arrived on the island".  To quote the card:

This page came out of a 1901 edition of a Readers' Digest type book called 'Chatterbox', first published in 1872.  If you carefully open the frame, the story about two German brothers stranded on a rocky islet can be read.  The fortunate advent of the penguins saved their lives.

I would venture to say that it wasn't a very fortunate Advent for the penguins, but the brothers must have gotten out OK.

And I'm scared to open up the frame, lest I sneeze and wind up with a handful of century-old confetti.

So thank you, Scott and Kathy.  You're very twisted people, and I love you to bits.
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