sleepyjohn00 (sleepyjohn00) wrote,

Pretty good day

Everybody's home. which is a good start right there.

Yesterday, I solved a problem at work that had been giving me trouble for three weeks, all with my own little grey brain cells, so I was able to begin the holiday on a note of triumph.

Breakfast was My Wife's home-made cardamom bread, which is the ONLY way to start a holiday weekend.

I paid a lot of bills, and there was money to pay them with, and that's a serious thankful right there.

The Feychild's latest Stick Figure Dragons is quite delightful.

My Wife's new laptop is working again, thanks to Jerry Krause doing a complete bare-metal Windows installation on it. BTW: if any LJFriends are interested in new or used IBM/Lenovo computers, I get company discount; let me know.

Thanksgiving dinner was large and yum and in family, with no need to rush off to the next thing. Not a smidgen of elephant to be seen. And My Daughter insisted on doing the dishes herself. which has always been my job (if you can't cook, clean).

I am having trouble with Bogar; we are letting him run things again, and I am just not getting the hang of attentiveness training. He's nowhere near the spazball he was, but he has a long way to go and I'm not getting him there. Another session with BarkBusters Tuesday.

The ladies are getting up to hit the 4AM Kohl's opening. Maybe this will sustain the symmetry of the universe, because I have to be out of bed by 4:40 on workdays.

Tomorrow: hit the gym, go to birthday dinner, maybe go with My Son to the next DLS football game so he can hang with his band buddies.

May everyone's day have been this peaceful.
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