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Thou shalt not take Invisible Guy in vain

I saw this referenced on ccdesan  's page.  It annoys me. 

There's a new law in Ireland that prohibits blasphemy. It's like making fog a crime. Everyone's idea of blasphemy gets equal time with everyone else's idea of religion, and if your partner moans The Name during sex, that's probably blasphemy according to someone's view.

The Irish Atheists have posted 25 blasphemous quotes/. One of them is from Mark Twain's "Letters from the Earth", which is the book I read in high school while I was trying to teach Sunday School, and made me realize what a frakkin' hypocrite I was. Read LFTE at your peril, you will never think of flies the same way again.

I'm not a theist; I'm not an atheist. I think the jerkwad church that pickets military funerals because "God hates fags and the US allows fags so God hates the US" is as despicable as the tribes that stone a raped woman because it was her fault.   If there is a God, it is inside you, and it is up to you to deal with it.   Not my problem.  I have no problem with people living a 'godly' life, but as soon as they say, "God gives me the right to tell you what to do", then the back of my hand and the heel of my shoe to them.


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