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A girl and a monkey for $2.99

What the hell is it with San Francisco weather and conventions?  The last four times I have gone to a comics show or convention in SF, there has been a downpour.  Yesterday was CAVU, and today, as we left the driveway, the rain started.  It was coming down pitchforks and hammer handles when we got off BART, which meant getting drenched getting to the Moscone, and getting back again.  And tomorrow will probably be beautiful again.  Grr.

Anyway, every time I go to WonderCon, I am taken aback my my ignorance at just how much stuff is going on out there.  There is no possible way anyone can keep track of all the artists, publishing houses, characters, genres, stories, etc. going on.  Thank Ghod there were a few Star Wars / Superman / Magic booths scattered around, so I wasn't completely lost.

Artists' Alley was huge with people I had never heard of, and a few that I had, but, seriously, you go up to someone who was on a TV show 20 years ago, and say, Gee, I liked your show, and they haven't heard that already today from 500 people?  Meeting someone just for the sake of being able to say you met them doesn't click.

Lots of steampunkish stuff around (Phil Foglio was walking out of the men's room as I was walking in, and what the hell do you say in THAT situation?) lots of cosplay (if you're going to wear a Spidey or Elektra costume, you really shouldn't t be in the 'morbidly obese' category), a couple of little kids in Pikachu and Superman and Batgirl costumes, and a thousand attics worth of the last fifty years of comic for  sale. 

Caught the last few minutes of a panel discussion/Q&A of professional artists discussing cover art, and what works, and what sells; one guy summed it up with "As long as it shows a girl and a monkey for $2.99, it'll sell."  Apparently it doesn't matter so much what you draw or how you draw it, at long as there are boobs.  Sometimes I despair of my gender.

Well, I spent about eight hours this weekend doing up toons for the Neolithic CTC, and it's a good thing I did them before I went to the Con, or I wouldn't have had the heart or the nerve.
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