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One more day

Still in Austin, visiting My Wife's family; tonight's flight home has been cancelled, so we're flying out tomorrow morning instead. It doesn't make that much difference, but I would really like to get home.

Major high point: meeting Scott and Kathy Kellogg, of 21st Century Fox / Carry On / Cross Time Cafe fame. They are very, very nice people and kind to the peculiar at heart. We rendezvous'd at The Salt Lick, shared some barbecue, swapped silly stories. My Wife was too sick to come along, which was a disappointment, as I think she and Kathy would get along well. At least they got to meet my kids, who were willing to string along if it meant a trip to The Salt Lick. Kathy drew a rather unique portrait of My Wife and me, which was very romantic.

We've all been sick (head cold) all week long, so I figure we'll all be healthy again on Monday, when the kids go back to college and I go back to work. Vacation. Bleargh.


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Jan. 3rd, 2008 11:35 pm (UTC)
The Salt Lick sounds interesting, although I admit, I really loved The Oasis
Jan. 4th, 2008 02:10 am (UTC)
Meeeeeat! Meeeeeeat!
The Salt Lick is GREAT BBQ. It's not flaming hot habenero style, it's good, and it's HUGE. The seating is family style. For something like $15, you get a basket of brisket, ribs, sausage, and sides. When the basket is empty, they bring you a new basket. if you can empty that basket, they bring you a new basket. Stuff it in until you creak.

A different concept is this Brazilian style restaurant, where they bring around skewers of different cuts and styles of meat, and just keep bringing it around until you cry Uncle. Sirloin, filet mignon, sausage, lamb, pork loin in parmesan, chicken breast in bacon ... Creak!

And then my brother-in-law decides it's time to show off his skill at bbq'ing prime rib...

Vacation dining, oy. I have never eaten so much meat in one week in my life. I gotta get some salad back in my life!
Jan. 4th, 2008 12:01 pm (UTC)
Re: Meeeeeat! Meeeeeeat!
OMG... James is just gonna die when I show him this. And I admit, I'm salivating as well.

Heh, if you ever manage to wander up north one day, we'll have to show off some barbie Aussie style (but psssssst there are no shrimp on the barbie - but don't tell the other philistines that)
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