sleepyjohn00 (sleepyjohn00) wrote,

One more day

Still in Austin, visiting My Wife's family; tonight's flight home has been cancelled, so we're flying out tomorrow morning instead. It doesn't make that much difference, but I would really like to get home.

Major high point: meeting Scott and Kathy Kellogg, of 21st Century Fox / Carry On / Cross Time Cafe fame. They are very, very nice people and kind to the peculiar at heart. We rendezvous'd at The Salt Lick, shared some barbecue, swapped silly stories. My Wife was too sick to come along, which was a disappointment, as I think she and Kathy would get along well. At least they got to meet my kids, who were willing to string along if it meant a trip to The Salt Lick. Kathy drew a rather unique portrait of My Wife and me, which was very romantic.

We've all been sick (head cold) all week long, so I figure we'll all be healthy again on Monday, when the kids go back to college and I go back to work. Vacation. Bleargh.
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