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Status check

Word from our financial adviser:

Stocks finished the month of March with the best 1st quarter performance (and the 2nd best of all time) in 13 years. And even the unemployment rate has shown it's biggest 4 month decline in the last 17 years. That doesn't mean "all clear" bell has been rung, but it does show that the bullish trend is still in place/

And the news shows that TARP is being paid back earlier than expected, and cost us a lot less than the S&L debacle under Reagan.

So, how's all that hopey-changey stuff working? Not too badly, it seems. At least we're trying to climb out of the hole instead of digging it deeper.

I'm sure there will be a lot of different opinions on that. Personally, I'm pissed that not one single person on Wall Street has gone to jail for the mortgage meltdown three years ago. But I'm glad we didn't go yee-hahing into Libya, at least.

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