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Alternate Universe Stuff

OK, this is an example of the weird stuff that pops into my head when I'm not using it.

Two canonical superheroes: Spider-Man and Batman.  One gets a hyphen, one does not.  Anyway, we all know the Origin Stories:

- Spider-Man: Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, and gains proportional powers ( except for the anal spinnerets, thank goodness).  His uncle is murdered and he takes up the burden of power.

- Batman: His parents are murdered.  He takes up the burden of stopping people who do things like that.  He dresses up as a bat, because people fear bats.

Still here?  What patience.  

SO: what would have happened if Bruce Wayne was afraid of spiders?  What if Peter Parker had been nipped in the lab by a radioactive bat?

How would Bat-Man and Spiderman be different, with the one having powers and the other having a belt full of cool stuff that he, as a science student, whipped up in the lab?

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