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breaking even is better than breaking bad or breaking wind

We got the check from the insurance company for the car that got totaled August 2012, when a real estate agent on her way to a deal pushed my son off the road (with my wife and her two-months-out-of-surgery ankle in the passenger seat). Two and a half years of the agents for four different companies playing circle jerk, and we got $616 for the car.

Which was just a little more than enough to pay for the plumber to come out on Sunday morning and snake out the main drain line, and his buddy the other plumber to come out on Wednesday night and replace the hot water bib for the washing machine, which had come loose from the pipe while I was trying to remove the old hose.

So I got my plumbing bills paid, with enough left over for a tank of gas. I suppose I should be grateful. Let the record show that I am sufficiently grateful.

I think it was Steve Wright who said, you know when you're walking down stairs and there's one more stair than you thought, so you step out and for an instant you're balancing for your life on nothing? I'm like that all the time.

Well, it's something like that, and it's true.

Happy Easter.

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