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Home again, alone again

I'm back from Wisconsin, where I was Wisconsolate, being 1500 miles from My Wife and surrounded by my relatives. As Tom Waits says of his band, they're good people, but over the years, they picked up some ways that just aren't right.

Second brother's deafness is getting much worse; he thinks chemical contamination has damaged the 9th cranial nerve, and there's not a lot can be done about that.

My eldest sister has been off cigs for 250+ days, which is a Good Thing on several levels:

- it makes her marginally healthier
- it makes her less toxic to be around
- it gives her something to talk about besides her son

My eldest brother continues to be himself. I love him and he tries so hard, but he just can't tell jokes or stories.

My cousins all have their own collections of quirks, and I shudder to think of what they think of that smartass from California who keeps showing up at family gatherings.

There are enough LJFriends living in cold climates who will shrug off a 10 degree F day as nothing worth remarking on. I don't care, IMO Milwaukee is too damn cold for human life.

Now that I'm back, My Wife is off at a RenFaire symposium. She offered to do three lectures. The SOB scheduled each lecture four times over the weekend. She is going to wear herself thinner than a politician's promise, but it's the kind of thing she loves doing, so there it is.

It's me and the beagle for the weekend. BAROOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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