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five toons in 24 hours

Okay, four and 9/10s, because I'm waiting for someone to send me art to finish off one of them. That someone lives in Georgia, and I haven't heard from him, and now I'm worried that he was in the way of that tornado.

I am kind of proud of doing all those toons in one day, because I haven't been able to turn anything in for two weeks now, and this gets the buffer back up to par.

I am kind of worried about that, because I've used up all the gags I'd been saving up.

I am kind of sick of hanging out with stick figures. I think I will do something else tomorrow. Something useful, like sorting the dust bunnies.

The Iain Abrachs were presented with a sword as a sign of friendship by one of the other RenFaire clans. I've been asked to make a scabbard for it. They trust me to do it right; I hope I don't fxxk it up.

I think I will go find something toothsome and snackerous.
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