sleepyjohn00 (sleepyjohn00) wrote,

Bang Head (X) Here

It's a strange old game, you learn it slow
It's one step forward and then back you go...

The compiler build failed again, and again, and again, each time for increasingly  obscure reasons, and this last one left an error message that is not documented anywhere Google can reach on the Internet.  

This weekend I'm quartermaster for the Council's High Adventure Training Core course, which means keeping about thirty students  and a half-dozen staff fed while they learn how to take a group of Scouts out to the places  where there aren't sidewalks.  It's my fourth time, but I enjoy auditing the classes while I'm slinging chili.  Kate is, of course, my resource when it comes to real cooking; I can make the coffee and set out the muffins (mmm.  muffins)  but she's the real cook behind it all.  To her, it's trivial; no campfire, real knives and stoves, no 16th-century authenticity requirements.

Brother Jim is on his way back to Connecticut, so I can get back to having a normal (ha) schedule and not try to come up with something to do next.

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