September 9th, 2007

DG-Fool card

A mild feeling of accomplishment

Well, Nikolai Tesla I'm not, but I got the garage rewired without burning it down or electrocuting myself. 

Most of the work was overcoming another great idea by previous owner.  Instead of running the circuit from the house to the door opener motor to a switch and then to plugs, he ran the circuit to the switch, THEN to the switch-operated plugs, THEN to the always-on garage door opener.  It made things more complicated than they needed to be.  But at 9 PM I had the door running, the lights working, and all ten fingers intact.   A real electrician could have done the whole job in about an hour, but a real electrician doesn't live here, so frell that. 

It works, it's ready for Monday, I'm satisfied. 

Interlude: we were going to meet TJ and his buddies and take them for dinner.  We were ready to leave, and called for Bogar the beagle.  No answer.  We found him in a planter box, literally pooped out, unable to move, ants crawling over him.  OFF TO THE E-VET!  Turns out he was in anaphylactic shock from bee sting or something.  So he has spent the night at the E-vet, getting fluids and being watched for signs of internal disorder.  I thought we were done with this gig when Comet died.  well, he's alive, Kate's muchly relieved.  Would have liked to have met TJ's friends, though.
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