September 11th, 2007

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Today may go down as 'not quite as bad as others' day.

I finally got enough required packages built for the build of the next version of the compiler to start.  It will run overnight, see what I'm left with in the morning.  (crossed fingers) I've been working on this for weeks, I would really like to be DONE with it!

One user was insisting we find out what was wrong with the mail system that it couldn't deliver messages to this one user.  Turns out to be his typing error on his laptop, not our servers at all.

Brother James got into town yesterday from Japan Worldcon, one day ahead of posted schedule, so yesterday was a writeoff.  So today I worked while he toured the Metreon and various geek boutiques, we came home way early, and he crashed.  We'll see what goes on tomorrow.

One week to Talk Like a Pirate Day, and a long-awaited surprise (bwa ha ha).
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