September 26th, 2007

DG-Fool card


If it wouldn't alarm the people around me in the office, I would be doing the NHD on top of my desk.  The fraggin' compiler built cleanly and installed cleanly!  <censored>  WOOT!  <censored> HUZZAH!  A  LOT of chocolate is going down today!

Now we see what else the requester wanted and didn't think to mention.

What did I learn?

You can't build the utilities in the source directory because they will overwrite the source files in the process. 
Build a stage directory, but the tools in there, and then build them again to generate the final target.
The build tools aren't 100% perfect, so if a file is AWOL, go find it and copy it in by hand
Korn shell works, C and sh don't.
Solaris is a nonoptimal place to build GNU software.  The libraries stomp on each other.
There are people in LJ who would notice if I took a running jump out the 19th floor window (thank you!)
Next time, let someone else pick up this kind of ticket.
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