October 10th, 2007

DG-Fool card

What we need is another dog

I think the 2 problems with Bogar are:

1) No obedience training
2) No other dogs

We've been saying since we got him that the little crust needs at least Sit, Stay, Walk; every time we say it, there's some situation where someone has to travel. Maybe when Kate gets home we can take another look.

And maybe all he needs is some other dog he can tussle with, so *I* don't have to do it all the time! He wants to nip and wrestle and run around like a maniac, and I can't keep it up long enough. Well, he also wants to ride around in the car, but he's not getting it. Yet. For a while.

One week mark. In theory, Kate will be back in a week. In reality, her mom's progress is slow, and she's probably there for two. You do what you have to, and so does she, and so will I.

Tonight's experiment in cooking: chicken risoto casserole. If it works, I eat. If it doesn't work, Bogar eats, and I get another bagel. We shall see. It's been a long time since I lived on The Eight Bachelor Meals, and I don't think there's ramen (#5) anywhere in the house. Got to get some groceries tonight.
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