October 23rd, 2007

Brother SleepyJohn

For those of you playing the home game...

The gutter and roof work is done. The cost is almost twice the estimate, because the salesman didn't know that they'd have to bring in carpenters and rebuild a section of the roof to get rid of the dry rot. Once the workmen got here, though, they did a credible job. And doing the carpentry while Bogar was away was a Good Idea, because he was here when the gutter installation was going on, and it got pretty loud in here.

Bogar seems to have calmed down, or I'm just learning to anticipate him.

My Son wants to come home for Friday night to see the DLS Homecoming game. I think that's a fine idea, myself; I've been trying to get over to see the band at least once, but their home schedule has never coincided with mine. I sort of miss being the Band Roadie; those are good kids.

The tie slide page is up to date and posted. Now I just hope someone finds it and uses it someday.