October 31st, 2007


Happy Halloween!

it was a good night for middle- and high-schoolers, only two or three small kids. We put lighted pumpkins out in front, which probably accounts for the good turnout, as our door can't be seen from the main road.

It was a bad day for work, though. The annual Halloween Party in Burlingame office was today, and both Jerry and I were feeling lousy and didn't go. And then we got word that there was Yet Another Reorg in process, and we would probably end up working for our old manager again. Our old manager is an annoying, droning, micromanaging, empire-building bunghole. And we suspect he has been trying to get our site closed down for three years, which would effectively leave Jerry and me unemployed, or facing a five-hour round-trip commute to Silicon Valley Lab. There is no good in this news.

Time to get serious about jobhunting. There is no chance I could land a job with this pay/benefit scale, but I hate hating my job.