November 18th, 2007

DG-Fool card

For this I'm giving thanks, yeah.

My Wife, whom I love as life itself, is getting started on the Thanksgiving dinner, with the plan that if she gets as much done as possible early, there will be less cleanup on the day. Which makes sense.

She has taken several of the pumpkins she has slaved over all summer and winter, halved them, and roasted then.

Pumpkins do not take well to this, in my personal opinion. The outer rind shrinks, hardens, wrinkles, and collapses. Given that each half is close to a foot in diameter, I am left with one inescapable conclusion.

It looks like for Thanksgiving, I am going to be eating an elephant's testicle.
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My big mouth, and nose likewise

Well, I told Ocean's Edge there were two ways I stayed awake all night: brain won't sleep, and The Hour of the Wolf. I had forgotten the purely mechanical problem of plugged sinuses, which prevent me from using my CPAP machine to breathe. So, for the next hour or so until the sinuses drain, I am sentenced to midnight sleeplessness. With reveille coming at 4:40 AM, this is not a trivial problem. Such is the penalty of hubris. At least I can connect to work and clear off some of the tasks that have come in.

My Daughter came home today for a vacation week, and we met up with My Son and his college buddies for a shoal of sushi over at Momoyama. They are good people, with acceptably twisted and geeky outlook on the world, so it was a fun evening, until My Wife noticed all the people waiting for a table who were glaring at us.