December 7th, 2007


Wonderful things

As in, Things That Make You Wonder:

A data recovery service has posted its top ten user recovery stories for 2007. Their top pick was the guy whose system was infested with ants, so he pried the cover off and sprayed with insecticide. My personal favorite was the Brit who was annoyed by the squeaking sound the drive made, so he drilled a hole in the case and poured oil in. The squeak DID stop, so I guess he counted that as a win.

The good people of Portland have a chance to honor Douglas Adams (of the five-volume trilogy Hitchhiker's Guide and other light classics) by renaming a street after him. 42nd Avenue, to be precise. Get behind it, Portland, and DON'T PANIC!

The transit people in Seattle are fighting an issue that never existed. They're setting up a new light rail system, and some smartass said it should be the South Lake Union Trolley, because they want to ride a SLUT. People are all crazed over the name, and giving them grief for it, when the transit people had never planned to name it that in the first place.

And what are the large issues facing the American voter in the run-up to 2008? Health care, the environment, the war(s), the national debt? No, of course not. We are deeply concerned about why some people insist Earth is more than 6000 years old, in spite of the Bible (Huckabee), whether Sen. Obama is black enough or white enough (he's really a decaf latte, don't tell anyone), whether the man who put NYC's emergency response center in the middle of NYC's biggest terrorist target is tough enough on terrorism, and whether Bill Clinton should be allowed to show more cleavage than his wife. My country, tis of thee.
DG-Fool card

A long-delayed letter, and what came of it.

While I was noddling around the Web one day, I found the web page of one of my long-time favorite authors, Ursula K. LeGuin. Long time: I used her books as source material in a 'Science Fiction as Literature' course when I was in college. It came to me that I wanted to write her a letter, silly as that might sound. I mean, once you've said 'Duh, I like you books, duh', what else do you say to a writer like that?

Well, I finally screwed my courage to the keyboard, and sent her a thank-you for some of the books she's written that have made a difference to me. For instance, I read from her translation of the Tao Te Ching at Mom's funeral.

Yesterday, I got a letter. She sent me a note that said 'Thank you for writing - your letter brightened up a dark rainy day. UKL'. Tucked in were six SIGNED dragon bookplates.