December 11th, 2007


Feeling better

Writing up a curse like that one is therapeutic, and drains off the bad energies. Finding out that My Son had to look up 'pederast' (and it's not a card game) was amusing.

Troop Patrol Leaders Council last night. We have a new Senior Patrol Leader, and the transition to our new Scoutmaster begins now; They have energy, they have visions, they have three months coming in which it's bad camping weather, and half the meetings are cancelled because of school/federal holidays. Sigh.

I've started a new job of Designated Noodge for the Life Scouts, trying to prod them, sorry, guide them into finishing their Eagles. We have three of them with their 18th birthdays breathing down their necks. One of them has written up his proposal, one of them has lining up the site and the resources so he can write his proposal, and one of them has decided on his project but hasn't done very much groundwork. With the one who did his project over the summer but has been dragging his feet over the writeup (sounds familiar), it's not impossible that we would see four Eagle Scouts awarded in 2008, following the two that were awarded in 2007. That would be cool.

Spelling outrage: when did they decide to drop doubling the consonant when turning a verb into a participle? The past participle of 'cancel' is 'cancelled', and I don't give a crap if the spellchecker thinks there should only be one 'l'. Two 'l' with it.

Because it was too much fun

Yesterday, My Son had won the final battle in 'Zelda the WindWanker' (or whatever it is), and there's a scene in the wrapup video where the two heroes are looking up at something with faces full of hope. I walked up behind him and said "We can has cheeseburger?" My Son is very annoyed with me :)
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