December 17th, 2007


sore but worth it

We actually got a hike off the ground (so to speak). Three Scouts plus three leaders plus five miles of the Borges Ranch trail = four hours of walking. Would have been faster, but there is something about eleven and twelve year old boys that is absolutely impervious to the concept of looking at a map. I think we spent a good half-hour or more, coaching them on how to orient the map and locate themselves each time we came to a trail intersection. But, then, that was the purpose of the hike, teaching map&compass skills.

They picked the RidgeTop trail for the trail back, which was less than fun for me; I can hike all day on flat, but following the nap of the earth just took all the wind I had and and some more. This is what all that cardio is supposed to be *fixing*, dammit. At least my knees didn't bother me.

I got out of bed this morning, moving like a rusty robot, and my feet still hurt, but it was worth it.