December 28th, 2007


On the road

We leave tomorrow at half-past-too-damn-early for a week in Texas, visiting Kate's relatives. Kate's mother has had several hip surgeries in the last three months: a hip replacement replacement, going back in to fix bleeders, going back in again to reseat the prosthesis, going back in AGAIN to replace that prosthesis with one that won't pop out of joint. I might have missed one. Plus all the other problems that come with three months in the hands of the health care industry. Kate's mom is feeling depressed, which she has a right to do, but not to wallow in it. Kate, on the other hand, has just seen one friend die, and is watching the friend's husband head down the home stretch, so she is *not* going to be in a coddling mood. This will likely be the major entertainment of the week, as Austin over New Year's is exciting only if you do the club scene, which I don't.

My major excitement of the trip will be meeting the Kelloggs, two good people who draw some webcomics that I follow. She lives in West Virginia, he lives in New Jersey, I live in California, so we're meeting in Texas. The reason fiction is harder to write than fact is that fiction has to be plausible. Kathy Kellogg has been very kind in helping me with my own stick figure cartoon; I owe that woman some serious chocolate.

The strange thing about LiveJournal is the audience.
- My family is reading this, and probably shocked at what I think about Bama.
- My webcomics friends are reading this, and know who the Kelloggs are already, for crying out loud.
- My RenFaire friends are reading this and wondering who all the other people are.

Sorry, guys, you're just gonna have to deal with the part of me that makes sense to you, and ignore the rest. Shouldn't be that difficult.
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