January 13th, 2008

Original Doubtful Guest Soup

Weekend recap

Friday and Saturday: quartermaster for the Council's High Adventure Training Core course, up at Camp Herms. The Youth Leader Training course was having staff development all weekend, too, so both groups found out we were sharing facilities, including the kitchen, when we got there. Fortuneately, we overlapped instead of conflicting. I kept the coffee going all day long for them, and left a lot of food (including cookies) for them when I left, so I think we did OK. As of Monday, we had 12 leaders signed up, so I planned for about 20 people. Should have planned for more walk-ins; we had enough food for the 25 of us, but it wasn't as ample as I like to be. Food is one part of the course that, if I get it right, the course has a good chance, and if I get it wrong, it doesn't matter what else happens, the course sucks. As long as there is coffee, I suspect I could serve clam shell mush and they'd be happy. I think we did OK. The leaders are planning a lot of good 50-milers and cycling trips for their Scouts. It's worth doing.

Kate is off at a meeting today (she was away all yesterday too), so I spent the morning cleaning. Met with one of our Scouts who's just about ready for his Eagle Board of Review, which will be very good, and hopefully a kick in the ass for my other fledglings.

Donated blood (I have no idea how many gallons I've donated over my life), and now I am woozed, so sitting at my desk instead of going up on the ladder to clean the gutters. Maybe I'll have a little more juice later, and will go errand-running.

Did up two Neolithic CTC 'toons this week (catgirls ARE the universal standard for hotness), and got an evil idea for a third that I may do tonight. I have far too much fun with those. it sometimes scares me that I won't be able to come up with ideas for new strips, and then I have weeks like this where I can't GIMP them as fast as they come to me. I was already in awe of people like Gary Larson who did this every day for years, now I'm even more so.

Overall a B+ weekend.