January 26th, 2008

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Fur, gone, conclusion

I am, and have been for several years, a follower of the "Kevin and Kell" webcomic. The artist, Bill Holbrook, announced several months ago that he was going to be at a furry convention, aka Further Confustion 2008, in San Jose this weekend. Since he lives in Georgia, this is the only chance to meet the man that I can expect for a long time. So, much against my usual hermit-crab nature, I went to the convention today.

Primis: Bill Holbrook is a very nice man. We talked for about fifteen minutes (to an artist at a con, time is money). We talked about the strip, our families, the mailing list and some events that have happened on it, he introduced to me to some of his fellow artists (The Gneech, for one). He offered to let me stash stuff at his booth while I wandered about.

Secundus: Up until 10 AM this morning, I thought I had an active imagination. Hoo boy. I ought to go back to pounding rocks together.

Tertius: Wow, there are some talented artists in the furry arena. There was an art show/auction, and I saw a lot of pieces that I wouldn't mind having at home. A lot of good stuff that I will remember later; my favorite piece was a small goat, in karate uniform, standing on a post in White Crane posture, with a serious expression. Titled, of course, "The Karate Kid".

Quartus: If you're en exhibitionist who doesn't want to be seen (yes it makes sense), fursuiting is your ticket. There were probably close to two hundred people in 'suits, following a dragon dance team, going through the convention. Some of them were no more than a set of bunny pajamas. Some were off-the-rack Disney (Minnie, Stitch). A lot of them looked like they could have been the mascot at the college basketball game of your choice. One troop that looked like they were road-show CATS cast. Some were INCREDIBLY detailed and/or realistic. What puzzled me was that the crowd was almost silent. I expected applause, or cheering, or something. Maybe they've seen it all before?

I left right after the parade; from the schedule, the evening events get a lot more, ahem, mature, and I don't need or have much interest in that. There was plenty of it on display in the art auction and the dealer den, I didn't need to see it walking around.

Was it fun? Yeah.

Would I do it again? If I knew someone else there, could be, but to go in just to walk around, probably not.

Any day you can enlarge your universe without getting kicked in the head is a good day. This was a good day.
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