March 25th, 2008

DG-Fool card

Details, you may want to skip this. No pictures.


The lip is stiff, but there's no pain except when I have to move it to brush my teeth. I don't feel any unusual warmth and there's no discharge, so Dr. B did a sufficient job of debriding all the doggy bits out of the wound.

FYI: I couldn't have felt anything during the suturing, I was numb from the eyesocket down. What was difficult was holding myself in the same position for an hour while he working; my back hurt a lot more than my face did. Oh, and apparently there are reflexes in the body that are not impressed by pain medication; my body wanted to go into shock, and saw no reason why I shouldn't upchuck over the sterile field. Which would have been difficult for the surgeon.

Kate's whole family is blaming themselves, individually and collectively, for the whole thing. I don't, but I'm not having a lot of luck persuading them of that. Oh well.

I ought to start pretending to work for a living again tomorrow; I have at least one meeting per day for the next week. My manager knows what happened, but I haven't made it public knowledge. It can wait until I go in and they see the stitches.

Thanks to all who have cared, and have helped my family cope with this.