October 19th, 2008


Winding down the weekend

Well, the merit badge session was a bit of a charlie-fox, but the kids got to ride in airplanes.  One of the pilots had a little yellow two-seater stunter, and he was a popular pilot!  More planning.  We used some of the displays I put together, next time I will make more.

Took My Wife, My Son, and  tiger_doe over  to Paradise33 for  high-class panAsian dinner.  My Son is heading for the big Steampunk event in San Jose next weekend, and I am suitably jealous :)

The Boxes, Mk I and Mk II, are in service, and the garage looks much neater thereby.  Maybe the next project will be a box for the big honking bobbin pillow.

Got two webcomics done, got  a third in  the works, and didn't have to be mean to anyone.

Report  for jury duty tomorrow morning.  I've been called in several times, never yet actually sat on a jury. We shall see.