November 2nd, 2008

IronMan Sleepy John

What I'm Reading, and it's too bad

I've got most of Tony Hillerman's Navajo Tribal Police mystery novels.  I like mysteries after a fashion: I don't care of police procedurals, or Jason Bourne kind of stuff, but I like mysteries set in other cultures.  Tony Hillerman wrote a series of novels based on the Navajo Tribal Police, and much of the plot of each arises from the different world-views of the white men and the Dineh.  I've learned a small amount about Southwest Indian culture, and have enjoyed the process.  In the latest book, it looks like Jim Chee finally marries a traditional Navajo girl, after pining for The Wrong Girl in one form or another for about ten novels.  Whew.

The problem is that the latest book is also the Last Book.  Tony Hillerman died Oct. 26.  I will miss Joe Leaphorn, and Jim Chee, and Old Man McGiniss, and all the rest of the people of Dinetah.

Oh, and the new icon is from The Stick Figures Dragons, and it's nice to see The Feychild posting again.
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The perils of love

Poppy, our purebred rescue Greyhound, tries to make sure she is wherever I am in the house.  If I am at the computer in my workspace, she will leave kennel and kibble and come lie down where she can be near me.

This is usually fine.

Today, however, is different.  We are trying  a new brand of dogfood, as both of them were not touching the current stuff (it may have gone rancid).  Greyhounds have very delicate  digestions, and when you change their food, it takes several days for them to settle into it.  During that time, their innards produce various indignities.  And Poppy makes sure I'm there to enjoy them with her.

My Fartz Is Deadly.

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