November 30th, 2008


You're not supposed to win these.

Just about everyone's had it at one time or another, for some of us it's recurring.

The dream: you're at college, you're late for an exam in a class you didn't know you were taking, your dorm room is a disaster, etc...

I have that dream occasionally.

Last night, I won.

It turned out that I knew the material well enough, I ended up TAing the class.

The dorm room was a threesome, and the missing roommate was finally ruled 'not coming back', and we got  to scavenge all kinds of cool gear, including some classic Lego models.

And the last thing was working a stapler in an office: the stapler was the size of an industrial sewing machine, and used staples the size of croquet hoops.  But it worked.

And I had clothes on.

I don't know what it means, that I made it OK through the dream that is supposed to show how disrupted your life is.  Don't care, either.

Now, if I can make that mojo work in one of the monster or chase scene dreams, I'm set.

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