December 31st, 2008


So, where are we?

The  popular thing at this moment seems to be the 2008 retrospective, so, where are we?

This year, I had my lip ripped off, I got plumbed for kidney stone, I lost 23 pounds.  I had one of the best summer camp experiences in memory, and I lost the last aunt of my parents' generation.  My family got unceremoniously booted out of our RenFair guild,  and My Daughter may have found The One.  I have been depressed and frustrated and angry enough to scream, and I have seen My Wife as happy with her life as she's ever been.  My little stick-figure webcomic has been received well, mostly, and I have lived week after week trying frantically to just catch up with work and chores and tasks and projects.  My Son is doing splendidly at college, and every time I look in my garage, I've lost more space to other peoples' stuff.   My Friends list in LiveJournal has grown, I've snarfed "Girl Genius", and I have two  greyhounds who feel the world was created so that I could take them out for walkies.  Every day, I fight enough character flaws to fill Wikipedia, and I've received friendship and love in spite of them.

I'm still above ground; many people I respected or loved are no longer.

At the end of "Shadow Dancing", Dr. Franklin explains the epiphany  that ended his walkabout.  I can't remember the exact diagloue, but it's something like:

 And then I realized what I am.
So what are you?
Alive.  Everything else is negotiable.

I don't think I could say it any better.  So I won't try.  Safe journey to all.  Write if you find work.