January 27th, 2009


Sales Pukes.

You want to know why developers resent salespeople?

Last week, forty salespeople descended upon us for two days. 

The big conference room only seats 25; there are classrooms and presentation areas one floor up that seat more, but they don't have the big table, so they took ours.  Since they booked a too-small room,  they stole chairs from every team room and cubicle nearby.  They commandeered the tables from the break room (hey, we eat lunch standing up ALL the time).

They took pens, post-its, and Cat5 cables from peoples' desks.

They had catered bakery lunches, a morning snack, and an afternoon pick-me-up from Specialties Bakery.

They wandered all over during their breaks, taking over cubicles and having loud cellphone conversations

It seems salespeople are not trained in the use of the little handle on the urinal that invokes flushing.

And then they left.  With our pens, post-its, and drop cables, and leaving our chairs and tables right where they left them.

I don't give a ruby-red f*ck if they spent two days being told that their children and dogs were going to be tortured to death if they didn't meet their sales goals.  Sales people as a class are  rude, spoiled, privileged, and have the entitlement sense of a fourteen-year-old Pekinese bitch.