February 8th, 2009

IronMan Sleepy John

bring out your dead

My Wife has conceded that she no longer needs the ancient IBM R30 laptop that I gave her six or more years ago.  I have a person in mind who might be able to use it, so I decided I would clean it up, update it, clear off Her programs (Scrabble, etc.) and see if he actually wants it.

IBM THinkPad R30.
900Mhz CPU
650 MB memory
8 GB disk, 6 of which are currently in use.

We are not talking Deep  Blue, here.

It literally took all day to download and install XP Service Pack 3.  It took two hours to download and install the 29 XP patches that came after SP3.  Another hour to update Symantec.  Another half-hour to update Spyware Dr.

I'm going to start up full scans on the AV software and let them run all night, because I certainly don't plan to stay up and watch it.   Great zot, what a brick.  Maybe it's going to end up in ewaste collection after all.