March 11th, 2009

IronMan Sleepy John

What I'm Reading: Northwest of Earth

If Han Solo had teamed up with Indiana Jones, this is what would have happened.  If Thulsa Doom had survived into the space age, he would have worshipped these same dark, strange gods from other planets. 

The 'Northwest Smith' stories date from the pulp era of science fiction, the 1930s and 1940s.  The prose is a little turgid, by today's standards, and there is NOTHING like astronomical accuracy, but the writing is lush, imaginative, menacing.  Northwest Smith was the rogue hero, ice-eyed and lightning-fast with his ray-gun, living by his wits and surviving unnamed horrors that predate Mankind's crawl from the primordial seas.  Science Fiction Book Club has done a service by publishing a collection of fine gems that were rescued from burial under crumbling magazines

Reading this kind of material is an excursion into the roots of wonder, the same way the Epic of Gilgamesh and The Odyssey created the genres of the hero against the gods and the heroic voyage.  We do things differently nowadays, but we wouldn't have them to do at all without authors like Catherine L. Moore  creating the new lands that other authors would some day move into and claim for their own.
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Putting on the dog

Poppy, our  old female greyhound, was pronounced safe for Rimadyl.  The stuff is expensive ($2/day), but it's very effective for reducing joint pain in old dogs.  She's been on it for a week. and tonight she took her little shaggy gorilla toy out in the back yard, and purely romped the hell out of it for about ten minutes.  So $2/day is OK.

I was waiting at the vet's for the results of the blood test, watching people come in and go out with their critters.  One lady came in without any critter, but that's normal, people come in to pick up pets that have been getting treatments.  She smiled at Poppy while she was waiting for the receptionist.  Then one of the vets came out and gave her a little cedar box with a little brass plaque on it.  She turned to leave, and she was trying to keep her composure, and I said, "I'm sorry", and she nodded at Poppy and me, and left.

$2/day is a f*cking  BARGAIN.
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