May 29th, 2009

Penguin Sleepy John

One body, two climates

It used to be that you could distance yourself from the ethnic of your choice by saying something like "Well, they don't <something> the way we do, so they don't  mind."  The ethnic of your choice didn't feel pain the way you did, or couldn't do schoolwork as well as you could, or whatever, so it was OK to consider them be different and alien and Not Like Us.

Women don't feel temperatures the way we do.

Two examples within the last 72 hours:

90 degrees (about 32 degrees for most of humanity nowadays).  A girl wearing a spaghetti-strap top that barely covers the northern and southern hemispheres of the globes, shorts that  consist of just enough fabric to qualify as 'existing', and knee-high fur-topped walrus-skin boots.  Her feet are ready for the ascent of Mount Erebus, and the rest of her is ready for Acapulco.  Yet she is in no discomfort.

This morning, about 45 degrees (7 degrees etc): a woman heading for work in a full-length suit, wool knee-length coat, scarf, and sandals.  If the rest of her is dressed appropriately, she should be balancing an egg on her feet and muttering about 'if she does not feed soon, she will die".  Yet she is in no discomfort.

I'm telling ya, guys, women just don't feel temperatures the way we do.

Final rhetorical non-sequitur: has there ever been clothing with more onomatopoeic names than Uggs and Crocs?
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