June 27th, 2009

CO Cameo Sleepy John

the wright place at the wright time

I lucked into information about an evening presentation Friday night by Roy Underhill, who does The Woodwright's Shop on PBS, so Kate and I went.  There was room in the all-day workshop today, so that's what I did instead of the ten thousand things waiting to be done around the house. 

I'd post pictures, but the man moves too much and too fast to come out as anything but a blur.  Was worth going, he is a very cool guy.  I picked up a copy of his new book and he signed it Friday; today, he needed some information and said, "You know, it's in my new book, but I don't remember it offhand".   So I brought it in, he looked up what he needed, and then used it as a prop for the rest of the day.

Now I can get to the ten thousand things, but I'm too frackin' tired.  Manana, as the Irish say.

(edit)  One story: he's working on the shows for this season (took a week to come out West for this presentation), but he mashed a finger and got a black fingernail.  Since so much of his show involves closeups of his hands, a big  black bruised nail would show badly.  So, while he was here, someone suggested he daub some nail polish on it.  So Roy  goes into a drugstore in San Francisco to pick out some nail polish.  Apparently, three guys helped him choose a good color :)