August 18th, 2009

temporal anomaly

Just to show it can happen

Since My Wife claims I never remember the good news:

Last week, we went to a summer picnic for the Diablo Woodworkers, a group i hope to learn from. to save you all my rants about boxes.  We felt really young, as most of these woodworkers do it as a retirement hobby.  Some of them put up tools, projects, slab wood, etc. as raffle prizes.

Despite a long-standing tradition of not winning things in raffles, I had a winning ticket, and picked out a behemoth of a Delta belt sander / disc sander.  The bugger must weigh forty pounds.  Once I figure out how to work it, and make a table to stand it on, it will be Very Useful.

Kate also had a winning ticket, and asked me to pick out her prize.  Didn't think she'd be interested in the planer, the chop saw, or a fifty-pound slab of walnut.  Someone had put up a very nicely made  recipe card box, so I scragged that for her.

So there.