August 31st, 2009

Original Doubtful Guest Peering

formicidal thoughts

When you turn on the light in the kitchen and the counter starts to move, it's a bad start to the day.  Massive ant invasion.  I cleaned up and gooshed as much as I could before I had to leave for work, but I knew it wasn't enough.  Kate gooshed more of them before she left for school.  When I got home, she had taken apart the kitchen and living room, bug-bombed the place, and was vacuuming up the corpses.

I helped her with that as much as I could before rushing off to Scout meeting, because I had promised to bring my video projector.  Turned out that the Scout who was doing the video had brought his own projector.  There were several Scout families there: the Scout had evaporated when he hit high school, and now that he was six months from his 18th birthday he was back to 'finish up' his Eagle.  All the years we needed our older Scouts, and they were nowhere, and now they want us to put in extra hours to help them make their Eagles, and once they get them, they will never be seen again.

I decided to go home before I punched out the next parent who wanted the  next three evenings and two weekends of my life so Biffy can 'earn' his Eagle.  If Biffy had EARNED his Eagle, he wouldn't have been AWOL for three years.  The next "I haven't seen you in so long!" smile was going to go home crosswise, so I came home instead.

Not my best day.