September 12th, 2009

Original Doubtful Guest Soup


The panic button call I got on Thursday was exaggerated. The kitchen was certainly not up to speed, but there was a kitchen, an oven, utensils, water, etc. Kate did her usual superb job getting lunch out hot, on time, and delicious. To the credit of the panic-button person, when he last had seen the kitchen, three amateur electricians had totally bollixed the wiring, but since then a real electrician had come in and put all to right.

The lodge remodelling plan was apparently put together by someone who had heard about kitchens, but never actually been in one. Nowhere near enough power outlets, floor drains that are trip hazards, very non-ergonomic layout. However, the old fridge and freezer units have been replaced with closet-sized walk-in cooler and freezer, there's a dishwasher area all to itself, the floor has been leveled and resurfaced.

So, not quite the clusterfox I had been led to expect, for which I am truly grateful, amen. Even with aching feetses.
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