December 31st, 2009

Penguin Sleepy John


This is a terrible scan of a wonderful picture:

It's titled "Casual Friday", done by Margaret Organ-Kean, whose work has been seen on Magic cards and other places.  If you want to see the Real Thing, check out the Animals Gallery at   It could be titled 'Penguins in Pepperland', they would be right at home swimming around the  Yellow Submarine.

The print was a Christmas gift from my brother Jim, and now I have to think of something terrible to do to him.
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Penguin Sleepy John

Gifted again

This is an even worse scan of another picture I received for Christmas:

This was a gift from kelloggs2066 and his wife.  It is a old steel-engraving from a old magazine, illustrating a story in which penguins played a critical role.  The illegible  title is "Fortunately some penguins arrived on the island".  To quote the card:

This page came out of a 1901 edition of a Readers' Digest type book called 'Chatterbox', first published in 1872.  If you carefully open the frame, the story about two German brothers stranded on a rocky islet can be read.  The fortunate advent of the penguins saved their lives.

I would venture to say that it wasn't a very fortunate Advent for the penguins, but the brothers must have gotten out OK.

And I'm scared to open up the frame, lest I sneeze and wind up with a handful of century-old confetti.

So thank you, Scott and Kathy.  You're very twisted people, and I love you to bits.