January 22nd, 2010

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water, water everywhere

One of the bad moments as a homeowner is calling your wife to a certain spot in the house and saying, "Do you hear that?", and she does.

Walking through the dining room, and I heard something that sounded a lot like running water.  There's no water in the dining room.  I had to leave for an appointment, couldn't do anything about it.

Later, getting ready for bed, and I hear it again.  Kate hears it too.  I pull the crawlspace hatch, can't see anything.  I go outside and look in the vents, can't see anything.  I pull the lid to the water meter, and, yup, I can see something.  The meter's running, and there's no water running in the house, which means there's water running under the house.

After about five minutes, I concede the valve to the water line will not yield to my pathetic  wrench.  A Nice Lady from the water district visits us (at 10 PM, mind you) to shut off the water.  That's one big damn wrench.

The plumber won't come out until we can tell him what the problem is, and the leak detector guy doesn't work nights.  So, we'll see in the morning what this is and what it's going to cost us.  Fortunately, he said sarcastically, Kate was staying home today anyway because the electrician is coming to replace the house circuit breaker box.

Which is what the home equity loan is for, after all.

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