May 4th, 2010


RIck Perry: God wanted that leak, don't stop drilling

Rick Perry, claimed by FOX News to be Governor of Texas, says the Gulf oil spill is God's will. Apparently, God's wrath against liberals and homosexuals thinks Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana are appropriate targets. Oh, and don't stop drilling, He needs to reload.

"“We don’t know what the event that has allowed for this massive oil to be released." Uh, Rick?  A F*CKING OIL DRILLING RIG BLEW UP! 

I have nothing against people who believe in God, but I wish they could stop their buddies from using Him as an excuse to dodge responsibility.

I'd be more in favor of Texan secession (another one of his ideas) if he could relocate the state when it happens. From the Gulf of Mexico to the Persian.