October 29th, 2010


What I'm Reading: Cryoburn

Miles Vorkosigan rides on.  'Cryoburn' shows that domestic tranquility has not taken away his mastery of chaos, his or other peoples.  Not as all-out manic as 'A Civil Campaign' or as wrenching as 'Memory', except for the very end, which I will not ruin for you.

And I would want a watch-Sphinx, too, if I wasn't allergic to cats.

BAEN books has put a CDROM of the entire Vorkosigan series, plus author interviews, essays, and other goodies, into the hardcover, with explicit permission to copy and distribute. Up yours, Digital Millenium Copyright Act.  I will be happy to rip a copy for anyone that I can hand it to.  If you want it mailed to you, we'll have to make arrangements.