November 6th, 2010


Digger is my homey.

For security reasons, we have to change our passwords at work every 90 days. Said passwords have to meet criteria for non-alphabetic characters, length, embedded words, etc. And you can't re-use them for to years. I also need to create root passwords for eight different environments. Needless to say, I use up a lot of time coming up with passwords that are not easy to crack but are easy to remember.

The last cycle, one day left to change the password before lockdown. I need a password I can remember. I need something I can remember. What is something I can remember?

Remember Tunn3l17!

It's not often you can get 90 days of smiles out of one idea.  And I have a new password now.

And if you're not reading Digger yet, I forgive you, but it's moving into endgame, so get yer butt over to the archives for about two hours and get to know the most non-heroic hero it's ever been my pleasure to read.