November 24th, 2010


We are PISSED at ourselves, we are.

My laptop got infected by a seriously nasty malware, probably from one of the very few "Friend me on Facebook" requests that I ever clicked on.  For three months, this motherfondler has been copying down everything I type and squirreling it away.  THere's no way to tell if it uploaded it to a C&C server, but I now have to

- have my work computer nuked from orbit and reloaded
- reload all my work files back onto it
- change a lot of passwords, including my online money and medical sites
- eat a lot of sh*t for doing this on a work computer.

I will post details on where the maggot was located and how to look for it on yours, when I have some time.

And I KNOW better than to accept anything on Facebook.  I KNOW better!  Dammit!