January 8th, 2012

Scout Sleepy john

Another day at the stove.

Another High Adventure Training course weekend.  Feedback for the Quartermaster:

- One of the instructors said he had decided to skip breakfast because he knew he'd get fed well.

- The Course Director told me that she had been thinking about my warm chocolate chip cookies all week.

- One of the students asked for my chili recipe (?!)

- We ran out of chili at lunch, so I made a quick batch for first afternoon break.  They ate all of that, too, and that wasn't people who had not gotten any at lunch, it was people coming back for seconds and thirds.

- The low-salt and vegetarian students were almost dumbfounded that I had actually provided something they could eat.

- Warm chocolate chip cookies evaporate in the presence of adult Scouters.

Fed 35 students, plus staff, and brought it in on time and under budget.  Take that, Cheops.

And, because God believes in maintaining the equilibrium of the universe, this morning I have a sore throat and feel feverish.