December 6th, 2012

Original Doubtful Guest Soup

Sic transit gloria Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

In 1997, I started working at a company in Oakland, maintaining the server labs, the testing labs, and the user workstations.  We had five floors of people, over a thousand machines just in the server labs, and a staff of a dozen or so to maintain them.

This week, the last thirty computers in our lab were relocated and assimilated into the big facility in south San Jose.  Jerry  and I, the last of the staff. have a room with a  lot of empty network drops and power cables.

Granted, my laptop is more powerful than four of the big rackmount jobs from 1997, but it's kind of sad: the work has gone to other departments, the people have gone to other project or other companies, the servers we put so much time into are heading for the electronic knackers, and the hands-on stuff that was the real FUN of system administration is seventy miles away.  There's still more than enough work, and my job isn't in jeopardy (any more than anyone else's), but it's not fun to dismantle something you spent so much time building and holding together.
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