January 17th, 2013


Grab opportunities.

Last weekend, at the grocery store, I walk up to a checkout that has the light on, but the checker's missing.  The girl at the next lane calls over to the girl arranging Mylar balloons that she needs to leave the whale alone, she has a customer (one of the balloons was an orca).  She comes back, calling   'Don't call me a whale', and starts running my groceries through the scanner.

"Gee", I said, "I wish I could speak Whale."

She started laughing.  When everything was bagged and paid for, I threw back my head and sang 'ThhaaaAAAAnnnNNNk YYoooUUU!', and she threw back hers and sang "YOOuuu'RRReee WELLLcoOOOMMME!'

Never miss a chance to make someone's day a little more surreal.