January 18th, 2015

DG-Fool card

Well, that was ... underwhelming.

Uri235, a comrade from the CTC Forums, was on this side of the country to go to FurtherConFusion 2015. So I made arrangements to meet him there. I don't think I've been to a con in several years, but I remembered that FC was fun.

So, an hour down the road to San Jose.

Then an hour standing in line for registration. Really? An hour? On Sunday morning, it still takes ten to fifteen minutes per patron to register?

Now, the program. FC is being held over the MLK holiday, beginning on Thursday. The program on Sunday is ... rather scant. Well, OK, most patrons were probably up partying on Saturday anyway, but really, the offerings were kind of thin.

Went to a very good panel on the gods of Egypt. No wonder I couldn't keep it all straight: three thousand years of changes and battles and assimilations and heretics and empires kept rewriting the books. Good information.

Well, all the panels are closed for lunch, but the Art show should be cool. I'm sure it was, but it was now closed for all the pieces to be picked up by the auction winners.

Wandered the huckster room for a while, found a T-shirt, but the entire area was smaller than I expected. There was a booth specializing in hyenas, which should make Kathy Garrison happy.

Finally hooked up with Uri, who is Bucephalus. Went out for lunch, traded some gossip back and forth. He's OK, worth the trip to see.

Looking at the afternoon schedule, the only panel I was at all interested in is already half over.

So, back in the truck and up the highway to home. The timing was not good to see the con. I should have gone Saturday, but I had an Eagle project to work on. But it was cool to meet Uri.
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