November 28th, 2015On this day in different years

DG-Fool card


Spending the long weekend working backstage at the Dickens Christmas Fair. And by 'working', I mean 'taking pictures of new costumes and doorwarding the Costume Shop'.

The Dickens Christmas Fair is going on until the weekend before Christmas. The Cow Palace Annex has become Victorian London, with Mr Scrooge and young Mr. Nickleby and the dance party at Fezziwig's Shop and the lowlifes around Fagin's den. Think of the ultimate literary cosplay. There are over 900 cast, vendors, and crew, in costume. The Costume Shop has to approve all clothing for the proper era, fabric, construction and look. And we record every one of them. So I've been sitting in the breeze, every weekend since Halloween, taking pictures and taking names. It's been a lot of work to a good purpose. I'll be happy to get warm again someday, though.