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I'm working from home today, for various reasons.

Several minutes ago, Bogar the beagle went off like an air raid siren. He's been whiny all day long (he misses Kate), but he lit off with a howl that could cure deerskin, flew to the door, and started barking like a madbeagle. I go to get him and found someone waiting on the doorstep. I restrain the dog and open the door. It's a Witness, handing out flyers to their temple's Easter services. Bogar busts loose with a howl like his nonexistent nuts are being pulled off with pliers, and rushes the door. Deafened, the Witness goes her way and I get the door closed ahead of the surface-to-air beagle.

My ears are still ringing, but the Witness went away. Do I discipline the dog, or give him a pound of doggy treats?
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