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That wasn't what I wanted to have happen

Yesterday afternoon, Bogar was in the back yard, running around and howling for a black cat that he had seen, totally out of control. I picked him up to put him on his yard run leash. He twisted away, reached up, bit me on the lip, and tore off about 30% of my left upper lip.

The ER triage nurse saw me and put in a call for a plastic surgeon; fortunately, I was at one of the one-out-of-five CA hospitals that has a plastic man on call. I have been repaired, and am looking at 1 or 2 reconstructive surgeries; we'll find out more on Friday. The surgeon said that the closure had gone much better than he had expected, so the outlook is good.

Bogar has been put down, because this was his second bite. and we couldn't take the chance of a third. Kate is utterly devastated, because she blames herself for bringing Bogar home. I don't see it that way; sometimes, when you try to do a good thing, it doesn't work out. We knew he was not right when we got him. Maybe if I had worked harder training him. No way to tell, and too late now.

I am in some discomfort now, and am eating soft foods until further notice. The plastic surgeon says he is a perfectionist, so the final result should be good. He's had a lot of experience repairing accident victims, cancer patients, etc. He also refuses to let his children have a dog.

I am posting this here for the family and Clan LJ friends. My webcomics friends are going to see it, but I ask them not to repost this or otherwise spread the word.

Mood: Mild pain, frustrated with self, worried for wife.
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